Now the Social Revolution Can Begin in Nepal – or can it?

Eric Randolph

This week has been a rollercoaster in Nepal, which held a general election on Tuesday. When I arrived a week and a half ago, the country was in the midst of a ‘banda’ – a strike called by a hardline splinter group from the Maoist party that were setting off bombs and stopping commercial vehicles from operating and generally trying to intimidate people out of voting. Every single article spoke about how disillusioned and nervous people were about coming out to vote.

Then Tuesday came and it felt like a miracle – voters defied the hardliners and came out in record numbers. I traveled on the back of an election monitor’s motorbike up through the mountains outside Kathmandu and found a terrific atmosphere – whole villages had come out to enjoy election day. Early estimates suggest a record turnout of over 70% – even better than 2008 when the country…

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