Bombs and Bandhs: Election Time in Nepal

Two Hundred Degrees East

On Tuesday, the entire city shut down as Nepal held its first elections in five years, and voted for a new Constituent Assembly (CA) for the country. For those you of (read: majority) who aren’t up to speed on Nepali politics and history, here is a little crash course:

Nepal, for years, was ruled by a monarchy.

From 1996-2006 there was a civil war, also called the Maoist conflict, because it was headed up by the Maoist party looking to overthrow and replace the monarchy.

In 2006 the war ended, in 2007 Nepal was declared a federal republic, and in 2008 they held their first elections, electing a Constituent Assembly, the majority of seats of which were won by the Communist Party of Nepal (aka CPN aka Maoists).

The newly formed CA was charged with writing a constitution. They failed to meet their deadline.

They got an extended deadline. They…

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