Happy Tihar & Deepawali

We, PhotosNepal, would like to wish you all  HAPPY TIHAR & DEEPAWALI. May this Tihar bring a lot of Happiness in your life and in your family.

aTihar or Deepawali is the festival of lights.  It is a 5-day long festival. The first day of Tihar is “Kaag Tihar”(Or Crow Tihar), on this day people worship crows and offer them food. The second day is the “Kukkur Tihar”(Or Dog Tihar), on this day people worship dogs and offer them food and garlands. The third day and the main day,”Laxmi Puja” is celebrated by decorating the house and worship it. People put garlands around the doors and windows of the house and At night they decorate their house with lights. These days  people use electric lights but sometime back hand made lights were used. People worship cow in the morning and goddess Laxmi at night. Deusi and Bhailo starts from this day. The next day  is “Gobardan puja“, it is like Laxmi puja. The last day of Tihar “Bhai Tika“(or Brother Puja) is the day where sisters worship their brother for their long and prosper life. On this  time, especially at night, you’ll see Nepal like never before and I suggest you to go to Swyambhu and see the valley from their.



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