No citizen be treated as refugee in their own country


We don’t even realize that we are so secured to be a citizen of a country. We have a name of our parents. We have our homes, land that belongs to us and we have proof of it. but there are such people who belong to the country but don’t have any proof, are living in the houses and land but n proof that they belong to them. These type of settlements is called informal settlement, squatter settlement and in Nepal we call them Sukumbasi.

There are about 60-65 such settlements within the Kathmandu valley.

I have been on some of them. I am so touched through them their grief going through the real happening I found my certain views towards them were mistaken.

Meena koirala


She has been living in this society for 34 years. She is one of the oldest member of the society. Now, she sells clothes…

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