Qatar slave labourers dying

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This video from Taiwan says about itself:

World Cup 2022: Qatar builds on the backs of slaves!

27 sep 2013

Qatar is slated to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, but migrant workers, mostly from Nepal, are dying by the dozens on construction sites for the international football championship, having succumbed to unbearable working and living conditions, according to new reports from The Guardian.

At least 44 Nepalese workers died between June 4 and August 8, according to documents from Nepal’s embassy in Doha, and more than half died from heart attacks, cardiac failure and head injuries from accidents, The Guardian reported. Many workers live in crowded, unsanitary conditions and have gone months without pay. Some report being refused free drinking water and working without meals. Employers often confiscate passports and working papers, and without the exit permits needed to leave the oil-rich state, the migrants are…

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