Pokhara – No.1 Tourist Destination in Nepal #1

1003501_631216743564942_1482878657_nAny tourist coming to Nepal dreams of going to Pokhara. Not even tourist, the locals of Nepal also dream of going to Pokhara at least once in their life time. There’s no doubt that Pokhara is the number one tourist destination in Nepal. It has everything that a perfect tourist-destination must have. From deep caves to high mountains, waterfalls, gorge, lakes, temples, paragliding and many more. A city with all these fun, and beauty, is very rare to be found in the world. The major attractions in the city are David’s fall, Gupteshwor Cave, Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, Fewa Lake, Mt.Machhapuchhre, Binda Basini Temple, SetiGorge . There are other places where you can go but these are the major ones.

I recommend you to go to  Pokhara by road-transport rather than air-transport. Even if you go there by air-transport try to return by road. Traveling Nepal by Airplane is unfulfilled because it is very short  , you miss many great scenes and  places on the way. There are many companies in Nepal that can take you straight to Pokhara from big city in Nepal. And if it is your first time in Nepal, it will be better if  you  avoid traveling by a local bus, you’ll have a  bizarre experience and you may even promise that it would be the last time traveling by a bus, in Nepal.

After you reach Pokhara search for a nice hotel, or if you know someone stay with them. It would be good if your hotel is near the Fewa lake, or what the locals call “Lake-side”. It would be easier for you to relax if you stayed near the lake as you can roam around at night and experience cool breeze and the pleasant environment. After you are done with the hotel thing, just unpack and freshen up and then start your Pokhara tour as soon as possible. If you are staying near the Fewa lake then it would be great to start your tour, from the lake itself. Even if you are not, it would still be great. Then after Fewa lake you can try other destinations of Pokhara.

1016983_631213296898620_1300286640_nFewa Lake is one of the most beautiful place that you will see/visit in Nepal. The beauty of scenery cannot be described in words, it has to be experienced. The lake is surrounded by forests, which makes it more attractive. There is a temple, Taal Barahi, which is located at the center of the lake. There is a very small island where it lies. It is also covered with trees. Many Hindus visit the temple and is one of the famous temples of Pokhara. You can visit the temple by boat, or swimming, which is not allowed. The boat can be hired from different spots and counters. You can go for boating all by yourself or you can hire someone. I suggest you to go boating all by yourself and life jacket is compulsory. Boating in Fewa lake is very fun and relaxing. The amazing view relaxes not only your mind but the whole body. The boat fees are mostly hour-based, but you can rent it for a full day as well. 1.5-2hrs would be great to enjoy the beautiful fewa lake. And I suggest you to try boating in the evening because everything is just perfect.

999711_631202823566334_533436673_n (1)After the boat riding, I suggest you to go to the Davis fall. It is one of the most beautiful waterfall you’d ever see. The white water that flows from the top just pleases your heart and refreshes your mind. The fall got its name after a sad incident that took place there, a long time ago. A guy named Davis fell down in the fall and died, so it is named after him. The water that flows there comes from fewa lake. The environment is so peaceful that it will make you want to spend the entire day there. The fall isn’t the only attraction, there are few other amazing things there as well. A wishing well, where one has to throw a coin and if it lands within the territory of the statue, it is said that we get to make a wish and it will come true. A ticket of NRs.20 (for locals, no idea about tourists sorry) has to be taken in order to get inside the waterfall territory. If you love photography, this place could be a paradise for you. There are many interesting stuff to capture near this fall. There’s a photo-booth comprising of the different ethnic groups of Nepal. You just need to fit in your head and ta-da! you are ready as a typical ethnically dressed tourist. If you are lucky enough you’ll experience vapor coming from the fall, which is very thick. Water will also be sprinkled upwards due to the force of water hitting the banks on the side. In mid-summer, people say that the water is sprinkled so high that you might get wet when you return form Davis fall. The water  falls down and joins a cave, Gupteshwor Cave, which is about 2mins walk from Davis fall.



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