Insects in Nepal

Click photo to enlarge
Click photo to enlarge

 From butterflies to moths, many kinds of insects can be found in Nepal. Scientists have shown that Nepal alone has more than  600 different species of butterflies. Since, Nepal is very rich in biodiversity these amazing insects dwell in every place you visit. If you like taking pictures of insects or just watching these small creatures  you will have an amazing time here.

We have the plain lands (terai) , mountains and Himalayas. And, insects like bees, grasshopper, aphids, beetles, mussels and many more can be found all over the diverse topography of our country. So, let’s  also not forget about our  little friends  i.e the houseflies and mosquitoes, they are all over as well. And, from my personal experience, I can assure you that, they also tend to become extremely photogenic around the camera.




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